CARE Complex

200 Foremaster Lane

Las Vegas, NV, 89101



The CARE Complex utilizes sacred donated funds to support those who have a desire to transition out of homelessness. We pride ourselves in a referral system that promotes responsibility on the ends of the provider and also the client, and collaboration among providers. 

Services are obtained once the client is referred by a social worker, emergency shelter representative, probation officer, church official or any individual assisting the client in their transition out of homelessness. The referral must state the following:

-Client's Name

-Where the client is currently living

-The services requested on behalf of the client

*We promote a self-reliant lifestyle. The clients are encouraged to donate some of their time and talents to bettering the CARE Complex in exchange for their services*


Services Provided 

Resume Building & Job Resourcing

ID/Birth Certificate Assistance

Internet Access

Lockers & Mailbox Service

Clothing Services

Interview Clothing Services

RTC Bus Passes

Hygiene Packages

24 Hour Water Bottle Fill-Up