Mission Statement:

Homeless Helpers, D.B.A. C.A.R.E. Complex is a Southern Nevada based, fully-inclusive 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to foster responsibility, accountability and self-reliance in individuals to achieve a permanent transition out of homelessness.

Organization History:

Homeless Helpers (d.b.a. C.A.R.E. Complex) was established in 2005 by dedicated volunteers  to fill  gaps in homeless services within the “Corridor of Hope,” an area that houses a significant proportion of Las Vegas’ homeless population.


Specifically, the organization began feeding those in the  unhoused community that were unable to attend the dining times offered by local shelters in the area because they did not get off work on time or experienced transportation barriers that prevented them from arriving to the shelters on time. Demand was always high for this service, and soon the organization formed relationships with its clients and found that there were many other fundamental and basis services that the unhoused community was in dire need of.


Homeless Helpers was primarily a street-feeding organization, and without a permanent location near his clients, it was difficult to consistently provide the services needed to lift individuals out of homelessness. In 2014, the organization purchased a foreclosed property that was located ideally in the heart of the Corridor of Hope, with a vision of expanding his services to provide comprehensive care to clients that would ultimately end their homelessness. The building was in emergent need of extensive repair and could not house services immediately, but with the organization’s vision developed over many years and tremendous help and support from the community and other service organizations, volunteers and an unknown amount of dedicated individuals,  Homeless Helpers dba  ‘ C.A.R.E. Complex ‘ was officially born.