When I was first approached by CARE Complex to provide medical services for the homeless two and a half years ago, I knew I had to.  Both of our organizations have very similar philosophy in helping people.  I learned in the beginning that the founder of CARE, Mike, instead of using the limited financial resources to fix the run-down warehouse at the time he bought on Foremaster Lane, he used it all to buy bus tickets and order birth certificates for CARE clients.  I knew his priority was on people, not on buildings.  His many years of helping our homeless friends directly on the street gave him unique real-life practical insight into the complex situation that is quintessential in ending homelessness.  Operation H.O.P.E. started with the very same origin of establishing trust and friendships with the homeless on the street with whatever we had at the time such as PBJ sandwiches, chicken soups, blankets, etc. some thirty years ago.  After much community support and many hours of hard work by our volunteers, we have provided no cost medical care to over 16,000 patients in Las Vegas.  It’s been an amazing journey and rewarding experience especially to see our former homeless friends returning to volunteer after obtaining permanent housing and employment.  Providing medical care is small part of the solution and partnering with a genuine compassionate people of CARE makes our effort synergistically worthwhile.  Yes, there is so much need and so little resources it seems at times.  Not enough money, not enough services.  .  It is the genuine love that ends homelessness, not money or programs.  Although important, what we do is not as important as how we do it.  How we do it makes all the difference.  With so little, we can do so much together because we truly CARE and HOPE for people.