CARE has helped me to get back and forth to work with bus passes, has helped me with my Nevada ID when it got stolen, and finally they helped me with the biggest blessing, housing assistance. Thank you very much may you continue your work for others who are ready to succeed

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Rhonda M.

Dragging luggage containing your every possession in the world around all day can make interviewing and using other resources very difficult. A friend from the shelter told me about a place on Foremaster that had free storage lockers for people in need. He said I could leave my bags and get things out as needed throughout the week. That place was the Care Complex. Care not only allowed me to keep my belongings safe, they actually allowed me to iron the same clothes and get hygiene supplies to feel better on my way to interviews. They helped me get bus passes to reach the interviews. Care believed in me at a time when I didn’t believe in myself.

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Jason J.

This organization provides a way out of homelessness and hopelessness that many find themselves in.
Instead of enabling the homeless by giving handouts, it empowers them to become a proud and independent member of the community by adding value to their actions. Each action they take to escape homelessness is rewarded with positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment.
From haircuts, clothes needed for job interviews, assistance with writing resumes, to bus passes to get them where they need to be, the homeless are given back their purpose and dignity.
I highly recommend anyone searching for a worthy cause to donate or volunteer their time

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Michelle Kim