Arnold Stalk PhD, Founder
Veterans Village Las Vegas

The CARE Center is a lifeline to our most needy people in our city.  They are on the front lines providing a loving, caring and compassionate service to the homeless in Southern Nevada.  I am proud to have been involved with CARE since its inception and I am grateful that this amazing group of citizens…
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Elliot Shin, M.D.
President Operation H.O.P.E.

When I was first approached by CARE Complex to provide medical services for the homeless two and a half years ago, I knew I had to.  Both of our organizations have very similar philosophy in helping people.  I learned in the beginning that the founder of CARE, Mike, instead of using the limited financial resources…
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Jasmine Lee
Shade Tree

Michael is super amazing and a huge asset to the community.
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Pastor April Adkins
World Fellowship Ministries

World Fellowship Ministries is an outreach missions ministry based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide biblical teaching to spiritually grow a community of homeless or impoverished personnel residing in the Corridor of Hope. We are proud to minister to the homeless and impoverished of Las Vegas, equipping and empowering them through the gospel of Jesus…
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Kevin Romney
Henderson Nevada Green Valley Stake President The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

CARE helps individuals attain self-sufficiency and self-reliance rather than dependency. They fill a gap that other organizations do not fill. To help me vet the organization, I invited several stake members to tour the facility … all were impressed and felt it a worthwhile organization … CARE Complex is an entity worthy of church humanitarian…
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Ryan Linden
Chief Executive Officer of Silver State Health

Homeless services have always been core to Silver State Health’s delivery model. As such, having the opportunity to collaborate with a partner as compassionate, focused, and professional as the CARE Complex has been integral to the services we perform. It’s incredibly refreshing and encouraging to see an organization whose spirit and work brings hope to…
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