The CARE Complex utilizes sacred donated funds to support those who have a desire to transition out of homelessness.

Services are obtained once the client has completed an application English | Spanish or is referred by a participating community partner. The target population for the CARE Complex are those who are currently employed or are actively seeking employment.

Our Homeless to Home program provides housing for clients who have obtained steady employment and reached a level of self-reliance that shows they are able to sustain permanent housing. The last barrier to ending one’s homelessness is often the ability to pay for first/last month’s rent and other necessary monetary deposits. We have found that subsidizing an average of $1,000 will cover these costs and provide a tangible, permanent housing solution for each of our clients. Download Homeless to Home Program Application , H2H program details

If you are currently employed or seeking employment and need help transitioning out of homelessness please visit us at 200 Foremaster Lane. We’re located in the Corridor of Hope across the street from Catholic Charities.

Alongside our Homeless to Home program we offer the following resources:

Identification Assistance

Hygiene Products

Shower Truck

Clothing Services

Interview Clothing

Locker Storage

Mail Services

Resume Assistance

Internet & Phone Access

RTC Bus Passes

Art Program

24/7 Water Bottle Fill Up

Locker Photo

Are you currently unhoused and need Rental Assistance to move into HOUSING?

For qualified clients, we can offer a ‘ Homeless 2 Home (H2H) ‘voucher that will be made out to your Landlord.

*The voucher will be for $700
*We will also provide an additional $100 voucher at checkups at 4, 8 and 12 months

The H2H eligibility requirements are;

  1. You are currently experiencing homelessness. This is defined by a lack of self
    determination. If you are couch surfing, our organization considers you homeless.
  2. You are currently employed and have been with your current employer for at least 30 days.
  3. You are making at least $1,100 from employment income a month.
  4. Provide copies of your four most recent pay stubs and a copy of your resume.
  5. Prepare a budget showing if placed into housing your income > expenses.
  6. We want you to take personal responsibility and to explore what other housing
    services are available to you. We ask that you personally visit the Courtyard adjacent to our facility.
  7. Similarly to #6, we ask that you investigate transitional housing options including
    but not limited to HOPElink and Family Promise and if they don’t work for you,
    document to us why they don’t work.–henderson-nv–housing-assistance/5953



Send completed applications to;

Teiona Schaaf

H2H Program Director

Bus passes

stop by our facility during open hours or make an appointment  (Email Us) to get bus passes to and from work, job interviews, doctor appointments, etc. We can supply clients with daily bus passes for up to 6 weeks.

Need Food? see flyer