Core Services

Locker Storage: As the exclusive provider of permanent storage in the Corridor of Hope, save few limited work programs, we have approx. 300 on-site lockers are available to house clients’ valuable personal items such as medicine, phones, work uniforms, etc. If a client is staying at a local shelter, they often have to take all of their belongings with them when they leave, making it difficult to retain employment or travel to appointments, school, etc.

ID/Birth Certificates: Many clients are ready, willing, and able to secure employment but cannot because they do not have any form of identification. We help clients secure the required documents needed to obtain a NV ID so they are employable.

RTC Bus Passes: Transportation is critical to a life of self-reliance. Many clients secure employment or schooling that is not a “walkable” distance from their shelter or temporary housing and cannot afford to pay the daily $5 fee for local transportation. We provide our clients with daily/weekly/monthly bus passes to bridge the gap in pay until they begin to collect regular income and can budget for this cost on their own.

Volunteer Program: We encourage our clients to volunteer at the C.A.R.E. Complex to help them re-learn skills that will help them sustain employment and end their homelessness. The majority of our clients that have successfully transitioned out of homelessness volunteered at C.A.R.E. in some capacity during their journey.

Homeless to Home: The BHP provides housing for clients who have obtained steady employment and reached a level of self-reliance that shows they are able to sustain permanent housing. The last barrier to ending one’s homelessness is often the ability to pay for first/last month’s rent and other necessary monetary deposits. We have found that subsidizing an average of $1,000 will cover these costs and provide a tangible, permanent housing solution for each of our clients.

Wrap-Around Services

C.A.R.E. services over 1,000 clients a month in a variety of ways. It is essential not only to support the homeless community with food and shelter, but also to provide them with the necessary personal and societal tools to efficiently and permanently end their homelessness. In addition to our “Core Services,” C.A.R.E. provides clients with the following wrap-around services to ensure that each client receives a comprehensive package of services that addresses their individual needs:

Resume Building & Job Resourcing

Internet Access

Mail Services

Interview Clothing Services

Hygiene Packages

24 Hour Water Bottle Fill-Up

Mobile Shower Unit (Clean the World Org.-Sands)

Operation Hope Medical Clinic