Fostering self-reliance and facilitating permanent transition out of homelessness

Services Provided

  • Identification assistance
  • Resume assistance
  • RTC Bus passes
  • Locker storage
  • Mail services
  • Hygiene products
  • Internet & phone access
  • Water bottle fill up
  • Art Program
  • Homeless to Home Program


200 Foremaster Lane Las Vegas, NV 89101


Monday – Saturday 7a – 1

or by appointment – Email us

C.A.R.E. Complex is a 501c3
tax deductible non-profit

Kaleah Tawatao
Director of Services
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CARE Complex Updates

The CARE Complex is currently in need of:

  • Hygiene items (toothbrushes, toothpastes, body wash, razors,
  • Face masks (cloth or disposable)
  • Men’s clothing items
  • Volunteers to assist with once weekly grocery delivery

Please email Kaleah with any questions or donation drop-off instructions

hidden voice logo

Hidden Voices started in April 2020. Its origins began in Fall 2019, as a weekly art group at CARE Complex. Former UNLV social work grad and CARE Complex practicum student, Kacey Kim, began the weekly art groups through simply providing art supplies and creating space each week for the houseless community to make art. Hidden Voices is a web-based and tangible publication to voice opinions, concerns, hopes, desires, and to document the life and identity of the houseless community in Las Vegas. These publications are always free and available to the public.

Hidden Voices has a mission is to serve Las Vegas’ houseless community by creating spaces for creative expression. We seek to share the valuable perspective of the houseless community and bring attention the remarkable talent and value this community has to offer
Las Vegas.

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Raised on June 22nd

During a live stream of Mondays Dark spectacular variety show along with an online auction. All proceeds will go to ending homelessness within our community
Mondays Dark is a variety show that raises $10,000 for a different local charity every other Monday. 2019 marked $1 million raised since it began in 2013. This variety show has become one of the hottest tickets in town and the list of charities waiting to partner with Mondays Dark continues to grow. CARE was selected as 1 of 22 charities chosen for the year of 2020 to benefit from a Mondays Dark show and auction.

CARE Complex 12 Month Report

Jan ’19 – Dec ’19

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CARE Complex 1Q 2020 Report

Jan ’20 – March ’20

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CARE Complex's COVID-19 Response

On March 21st, we announced with heavy hearts that due to the COVID-19 outbreak CARE Complex would be temporarily suspending the majority of services offered at the building. The health of our staff and volunteers was of extreme importance, but the potential to expose our already vulnerable homeless friends to this virus was far too risky. We remained in close contact with our caseload clients and H2H recipients to ensure there was not a disruption in necessary services and address new needs that arose during these unprecedented times. The building reopened on June 1st, with new sanitation and safety protocols in place, including providing masks to all clients entering
property and hand sanitizing stations. While most of our services were transitioned to remote operation during the hiatus, we committed to four new short term missions in order to more effectively address the change of times.

107 families helped

4 Short Term Missions

1) Address food insecurity in the community as a result of recent job loss or hour reduction, particularly for those who are considered high risk.

2) Obtain and distribute hygiene items, soap and other preventive measures to local non-profits, shelters and people on the street.

3) Provide guidance as how to navigate conversations with Landlords and delay evictions with the help of a local law firm, while also connecting clients with resources and Corona specific relief that may be available.

4) Maintain wrap around services through a coordinated mobile delivery service.

In order to adapt to the ever-changing challenges of the pandemic, the need to address food insecurity in our community became vital. We have partnered with Veterans Village to deliver food items to families in need on a weekly basis.

After paying rent we usually have around $65-70 left for groceries and honestly it’s just not enough to feed a family of 5 with 3 of them being growing boys and having to buy Pediasure for my 3 yr old which can get pricey. His immune system as a bit weak so it scares me to even leave the house and attempt to go to any pantries and being around other people in general. We also usually use public transportation because we don’t have a vehicle so I can’t go through a drive thru food location

Homeless To Home Recipients

June ’19 – June ’20 Highlighted Success Stories

Please find the following highlighted success stories from some of our Homeless to
Home (H2H) recipients. These stories from our H2H clients aim to highlight the struggles
and the accomplishments they faced. Our H2H program aims to ease and expedite the
transition from homelessness to self-reliance by way of a rent voucher and wraparound
services. We define self-reliance as the client’s ability to make more income than
projected expenses without the subsidy of the government (tax payer). Once
transitioned, CARE schedules follow ups to the client’s home at 3-4 month intervals up to
1 year after placement.

Sydney R. – Awarded 7/8/19
Completed all check-in’s and is currently maintaining housing.

“I was frustrated, upset, and alone because of my lack of knowledge living on the streets for several weeks in the downtown area of Las Vegas. One of the resources I heard about was CARE, I was so astonished by the fact that I was finally gonna be met with some help after weeks of feeling hopeless. I met with Brittany, who is a perfect example of what the title and organization stands for. I shared my story with Brittany and she welcomed me immediately as part of the family. Brittany helped me with my Las Vegas Nevada ID card and bus passes. From day one I felt so welcomed by everyone that I was intrigued on knowing more about the organization. And I got that opportunity as a volunteer for the organization. My experience as a volunteer was wonderful.   I learned a lot on how each staff member and volunteers of the organization makes it their soul purpose to care for and help those in need. In which it helped me hold that same passion, and desire on caring for people in need of help. Today, I’m a resident in my own studio apartment and I love it. I want to thank all the staff members and volunteers at ‘CARE. Such a wonderful group of people who truly cares. And I’m proud to have had that personal experience I’m truly honored to have shared my story because it’s definitely a happy ending when you dedicate yourself with people who care.”

Rodney C. – Awarded 7/26/19
Completed 3 and 6 month check-in and is maintaining housing


I’ll start off by saying that the CARE Program is absolutely amazing. They started me out on my way to being self sufficient. I needed a Nevada ID and that was the first interaction I had with them. They provided me with a place to store my belongings. Being homeless is not the best thing in the world. However with programs like CARE, they make things easier.The multitude of services they offer is top notch. If you are ever in a situation where you are in need of assistance…CARE is where to go. I will always be grateful for the assistance I received from CARE.

Homeless To Home Recipients

June ’19 – June ’20 Highlighted Success Stories

Roderick C. – Awarded 10/12/19
Completed 4 & 8 month check-in’s. Client maintains close relationship with CARE staff and volunteers, and recently reported that he has found a better job that gives him room for growth.

“I started as a client, then to being a volunteer. I have been given a lot of opportunities through this program that I am very grateful for. I developed different skills that I did not have before I began volunteering here at CARE, such as de-escalating situations, compassion, love, and care. The staff and other volunteers have been pivotal members to my success and why I am able to move into my own place. I am very grateful for the many opportunities here, from getting assistance with getting to work, getting assistance getting a job, being able to count on people for letters of recommendation for jobs and things of that nature, as well as the familial unit that was built here between the volunteers, as well as the case manager. To be honest, I know deep down in my heart, that if it wasn’t for CARE that I probably wouldn’t be here. I just want to say thank you again to the CARE family as I venture off into building myself and having my own place. I want to invite anyone who is homeless, or you know anyone who is homeless and they need help, to come down to CARE.

Sara D. – Awarded 2/15/20
Completed 4 month check-in, client reports that has gone smoothly and is thriving in her own place

“Your organization has been a lifeline to me when I was truly at my lowest point! My story is that I met a man online social media and thought he would be the one for me. Almost immediately he began to show signs of being abusive. Flash forward almost 5 years and I fled – leaving everything behind, clothes and all. I was helped into a domestic violence shelter and then one of the residents told me about a building on Foremaster where homeless people can go and get help. My pride was gone. I was at my lowest..never being one who wanted to ask for help I didn’t know what to expect. But, from the moment I entered the property the guy at the front made me feel safe and kindness greeted me! I, for the first time since, felt a ray of hope! You gave me a bus pass that I used to set up interviews and eventually got a job. You gave me clothes to wear so I could not be prejudged as just another homeless person and discriminated against. Your organization provided me so much and is a big reason why I am back on my feet – even getting approved for my own apartment. Most importantly you gave me hope.

Crystal J. – Awarded 6/24/20
Has not reached check-in date, client reports that she is ecstatic to have a place to call home

“I’ve been living in my car and from place to place for about 2 years now after being put out of a friend house. Life have been extremely challenging for me. I’ve been using my resources for food and maintaining my car so that I can keep my job. With handling the finances of my car, being turned down from food stamps and other local resources, it made it hard to come up with the money for a deposit. I knew I was coming close to a break through; A close friend told me about this program and I decided to give it a try. I filled out the application then I received a message from Brittany. I couldn’t believe it! At that point I knew it was about to happen and I went through the process with her and she was great at communicating with me and I was on top of communicating back with her. This process has been a dream come true and I am truly grateful for everyone and everything that has supported me. I am proud to start my new journey of self sufficiency. I will be seeking to further my education in my current field due to the help I got here, I can study in peace. “

nevada contractors logo

formerly known as the Young Constructors Forum

In 2017, CARE’s Executive Director Matthew Ellis made several presentations to the Construction Leadership Council, at the time called the Young Constructors Forum (YCF). Through these presentations, these individuals recognized the needs of those experiencing homelessness and the overall impact of the CARE mission on the population as a whole. This resulted in dozens of contractors from across the Las Vegas Valley banding together to assist in the renovation and beautification of our building. When purchased, the building was in disrepair and was not fit for the services that CARE wished to provide. Their generosity has proven to have become an integral part of the birth of the CARE Complex on 200 Foremaster Lane and for that we are forever grateful.

History of the Construction Leadership Council

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) formerly know as Young Constructors Forum is a committee within the Nevada Contractors Association. The Nevada Contractors Association (NCA) is the largest industry specific association in the state of Nevada. NCA’s membership includes general building contractors, general engineering contractors, specialty contractors and subcontractors,
equipment and material suppliers and professional service firms. The NCA strives to support its members by providing unified industry leadership, superior advocacy, workforce development, labor relations services, networking, safety and training services.
The CLC committee consists of up-and-coming leaders in the commercial construction industry within the NCA. CLC’s mission is to make an impact on the local community, improve industry skills, create long lasting relationships and become the driving force of
tomorrow’s leaders.

The CARE Complex would like to extend a very special thanks to Nate Jacobs, Nate Cartwright, Ashley Herndon, Lindsay Howard, Nadia Nguyen and Sean Stewart for their dedication and overflowing commitment to the CARE mission. Additionally, we would also like to thank the following individuals for gifting their time, talents, and leadership. Our organization, clients, and the Las Vegas community is
significantly blessed due to their generosity

Ann Barnett
Ben Bojda
Robert Brown
Anthony Chambers
Chris Culver
Deanna Dishari
Andre Ibarra
Marco Jimenez
Gutar Kaur
Shelbi Keyes
Edward Lawson
Steve Lockwood
Deric Moffett
Daniel O’Shea
Timberly Partlow
Mariya Poling
Trista Stewart
Willie Wegner

Suzy Young
A Company Portable Restrooms
Angela Hutchins-Realtor
Arrow Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal
Burke Construction
Carefelli Productions
Carpenters Local 1977
Cement, Masons, and Plasters local 797
Civil Werx
Cleaning Services Inc
Codale Energy Service & Supply
Commercial Roofers
Construction Testing Services
Dominion Environmental Consultants
Encompass Studio
MasterCraft Floors
McCarthy Building Companies

Fasteners Inc.
FF&E Logistical
Giroux Glass
GSL Electric
Helix Electric
Integrity Enterprises
IQC Southwest
Jetstream Construction
Laborers Local 872
Las Vegas Paving
Lenzen Contracting
M.J. Dean Construction

Neff Rentals
Nelson Hinkler Striping
Nevada Contractors Association
Nevada Ready Mix
PENTA Building Group
PPG Paints
Ritz Safety
Robertson Bright Industries
Southwest Door and Hardware
Southwest Electritech Services
Southwest Steel
Standard Drywall
Sunstate Equipment Company
Thor Construction
Tiberti Fence Company
Western Elite
Worldwide Rental Services

care team workers

All the hard work, dedication and coming together of various contractors,
electricians, plumbers, carpenters, a/c techs and numerous other professionals was celebrated in part with a ribbon cutting with Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

care workers

CARE Complex Partnerships

operation hope

Operation H.O.P.E.

Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. (Helping Other People Everywhere) was formally established in July of 2009 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization to address the various social issues that challenge our society. The vision of Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. is to help those who cannot help themselves by restoring their dignity, respecting their gifts and talents, and empowering them to rebuild their lives. Patients seen at our “no-cost” clinic are required to “pay it forward” by performing 3 acts of kindness for 3 other individuals in the community. The patient must write what they did and send it back to Operation H.O.P.E. within 30 days of their first visit. This “pay it forward” approach helps our patients restore a sense of responsibility and dignity to be a positive force in our community.

silver state logo

Silver State Health

Silver State Health Services aims to provide a respectful, safe and trusted services and resources. Our innovative environments allow our patients to explore health issues and improve their well-being through interaction with our providers, support staff, case management and others from the community. SSH collaborates with like-minded organizations creating a community safety net of services.

straight from the streets logo

Straight From The Streets

Straight From the Streets was founded in 2001 by Linda Lera Randle -El and her husband, Thomas Randle-El. The founding of this organization is a direct result of the committed and dedicated work of Linda, who provided outreach service to the homeless community for almost 20 years.

Services provided during outreach include: case management in order meet the homeless client where he or she is at, Nevada ID’s, bus passes to help access services available, get to job interviews, or other needs, resource navigation to veterans, for mental health and finally networking, SFTS works with many other organizations and non-profits across the valley to ensure the homeless get the right support and back on their feet.

For over a year SFTS has been donating several Nevada ID vouchers on a monthly basis to the CARE Complex for CARE staff to obtain identification for our clients, as well as numerous other donated items, including furniture.

share village las vegas logo

Veterans Village

Veterans Village is a transitional and permanent housing residence for United States Veterans and is operated 24/7 by SHARE, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Veterans Village is dedicated to the creation of an environment that is home to United States Veterans. This is a unique and innovative approach to holistic and comprehensive housing with 24/7/365 crisis intervention center intensive support services. Public and private collaborative partnerships have been created to provide supplies and services to residents including housing, medical and mental health services, employment training, referrals and placements, food pantry/nutrition programs and transportation to the VA Hospital and primary care clinics.

CARE Complex and Veterans Village work closely to feed veterans and other families on a weekly basis, and the President of V.V. is on the CARE Advisory Council and has continued to be a huge support of CARE and our mission.

UNLV logo


The C.A.R.E. Complex has been an approved practicum site for Social Work students to gain field experience since 2018. The field practicum provides students with a unique opportunity to realize the goals and objectives of the program through concrete, practical, and community-based interactions with clients and practicing professionals. The experience allows them to apply to practice the academic knowledge and skills acquired from all areas of the curriculum where diversity, social justice, and attention to the needs of at-risk populations are emphasized.